The four of us came to the Southeast for the health benefit of its sunny weather for our grown and married daughter. The addition to the home we were sharing was just completed when Katrina came calling. Luckier than many, we were to receive only a half-foot of flood water. We now understand it might as well have been more in terms of time, energy and money. Just before the storm, however, we purchased Barnaby for our disabled daughter as a lovable companion. He was being sold by a local breeder that could see he would be too big to produce the toy Schnauzers she was seeking. Barnaby, while a mini, by all standards "rescued" the four of us. It was hard to remain depressed or angry or lifeless around this small dynamo. He continues to share our home and responds to whatever need there may be on any given day. Needless to say the four of us love him a thousand-fold!
Elli Matthews
Ocean Springs, MS