Richey is a Really Special Dog

We adopted Richey almost 3 years ago (April 1, 2006) when he was a 3-month old puppy from the Richardson Humane Society in Richardson, Texas. We had lost our over 13-year old dog Oreo a couple of months before and were looking for a new friend. Richey is a Pomerian/Italian Greyhound mix. He is around 25 pounds. I took this photo a few months ago after my husband had already gone to bed. He just looked so peaceful there in the corner of the couch that I just had to capture the moment. My husband taught him to shake or give-me-5 for treats. Now he will jump up in my husband's lap and hold out his paw as if to say "give me a treat." My husband is retired and he and Richey are almost inseparable.
Winona Turner
Garland, TX