Ringo the Circus Dog

My favorite kind of dog is one that looks like it was pulled through the bushes backwards, if you can picture that. You know the type, hair sticking out in all directions all over it's body. It was time for a new dog. I wanted a scruffy mixed breed. I searched on Petfinder and found him. His name was Scruffy. He was found wandering around a stable. The woman coaxed him into one of the stalls. He was a very nice boy, just very afraid. He had a terrible skin problem and was loaded with fleas and ticks. She was associated with a rescue group and they got him to a vet where it was discovered that he was positive for heartworms. With great veterinary care, this fabulous rescue group got rid of his parasites, had his skin treated, neutered him and treated his heartworms. I met Scruffy when he was almost finished with his heartworm treatment. I drove 45 minutes to his foster home and when he was brought out, he wasn't shy at all but very excited. He came right over and sat on my feet as if to say: "OK lady, you're mine!" I took him home a week later only to discover that he was afraid of quick hand movements and foot movements. That led me to believe that perhaps a previous owner may have hit him and that was why he had been so afraid. After a short time, he lost his fear. We soon learned that he is extremely quick to learn tricks and smiles and bows on command! He should be in a circus or in the movies! I have had him for over 3 years now and he is truly the best dog I've ever had.
Sheryl Roberts
Penns Grove, NJ