Rochester Charity hound

To some people, a family pet is nothing more than , well, just a family pet. But for myself, Joker, my 5 yr old JRT is more then that.. My dog Joker, is a Jack Russell Terrier. I will have adopted him 5 yrs ago this coming November from the Rochester Dog Pound. I was working there as a vet tech student and gladly took him home after his owners picked him up and realized they couldn't handle his energy. Since I went and brought Joker home we have been inseparable. We have begun to raise money and race alongside one another. After my total knee replacement surgery and recovery I started running and needed a trainer and Joker became that trainer. Joker over the last several years we have done a total of 11 runs and 6 walks ranging from 5k to 5 miles. Total amount raised by Joker for different charities total over several thousands of dollars. . We have attended all the fundraising races that allow dogs. Races such as the Monster Dash in Minneapolis and the Run & Romp 6-legged race even encourage you to bring your dog. The Run and Romp is a great cause and raises money for the Heping Paws Organization in Shoreview, Minnesota. I have had Joker microchipped so if he were to ever run away, he could be easily found, even though he would never leave my side. He is registered with "Home Again" so I will never lose him. Now where ever we go, I can make sure he will come home to me.
Christine O'Brien
Dodge Center, MN