Rock and Scruffy

When Scruffy's Mom got sick and couldn't feed her babies Rock helped me raise the four kittens. The vet couldn't believe how Rock (then only 11 months old)stood with his head on the examination table licking each one as they got their examination and shots. Once we got them home he continued to clean and stimulate them until they were out of danger.He would lay surrounding the kittens as I bottle fed and medicated them always ready to comfort them and never trying to steal their food even though it was very tasty. When they started to get around he shared his food with them and played with them outside keeping them all in sight.Scruffy weighed only 7 ounces when the others weighed a pound but Rock wouldn't let her die. We kept her of course and Scruffy is now healthy and joined at the hip with her BIG brother!
Leslie Russo
Grimsby, Canada