Rocky - not just a dog, a MIRACLE!

It all started early one morning when I was in school as my dad was at the animal shelter. I got home from school just as my dad opened our front door, and a very BIG and FURRY thing came up to me. I got startled because I never saw such a big dog. My mom even pointed out that she though it was a bear! But it wasn't, it was Rocky! Since he was born, he was separated from his brothers. Early on in Rocky's life, he was used as a guard dog to guard an old building. He has come home with us containing ticks, fleas, and scratches and an ear infection. Till this day, he's getting better and has absolutely no fleas, scratches or ticks, but we're still working on that ear infection though. But I knew - my family knew, that despite losing a pet who was more than just a "pet" we could share new joy and love with the next best thing, Rocky, and we all love him so much. German Shepherds are always going to be used as guard dogs, but to us way beyond and before that - he's considered a family member more, whom we adore.
Hallandale, FL