Rocky the Fighter

I had just bought a house with my boyfriend and we were getting used to living together. I had always had cats my whole life, but he had never had any pets. After about a year of being cat-free I had mentioned how much I would like a cat, but he told me he didn't want a cat in our house. I looked at so many cat rescue sites on Facebook every day, and saw so many cute ones that I was dying to find one of my own. One cat rescue page that I frequently visited on Facebook had a cat that was looking for a foster home. He was FIV+ and needed to be the only cat in the home. I have had many FIV+ cats over the years, so I inquired about fostering him. My boyfriend had gone out of town for a few days so I agreed to pick up Rocky and keep him until he could find a permanent home. I figured since I wasn't technically adopting him that it would be OK. I ended up hiding Rocky in the den and closing the door. Since he was scared it was best for him anyway. Once my boyfriend found him he wasn't very happy, but I figured he'd come around. Unfortunately Rocky was the one that I had trouble with - he was very angry! If we walked past him he would jump out and try to attack us. If we put down food he would scratch us. For 3 weeks he lived under my couch, and every day I would spend hours talking to him, trying to get him used to us. After about 4 weeks, Rocky turned into a whole new cat. He became lovable, sweet, and friendly, always wanting to sit on your lap and be petted. I have no idea what happened, but it was a miracle. My boyfriend fell in love and asked if we could keep him! Now we can't imagine life without him
Boston, MA