Ronnie the Dog

I've always had pets, but when I moved to CA to be with my fiance, I gave my two cats to my parents as my fiance is allergic. After awhile without an animal, I told Todd that we either got a dog or I moved out! Todd had never had a pet before and wasnt too keen on getting on, but he didnt have a choice. We looked for so long for the right dog, but never found one. One day my friend called and told us that her step-dad's sister had to give up her dog or get evicted, and was wondering if we would like to meet him. We went online and looked at the breed (Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix), I loved them (I love any animal!) but Todd was not so sure. However, we made the trip from Dana Point to the San Pedro shelter, out of politeness. We had no intentions of adopting him, we even had a story as to why we couldnt, but when we saw him we fell in love. He had a tough past, living with a homeless man until he was given to his first family, then a year later had to be taken to the shelter. His previous family was so grateful that we adopted him, they were able to give us all of his toys, leash/collar, food, etc. He was already housebroken, trained, and everything. He gets along with my friends dogs, barely needs to be on a leash, is a great guard dog, and everyone that meets him is instantly in love. He goes everywhere with me, and not a day goes by that I dont get compliments about him. I am so glad that Todd and I went up to the shelter that day instead of automatically declining.
Dana Point, CA