Roo and Tippy Toes

Roo (upper left) and Tippy Toes were rescues from our local shelter. Tippy Toes came into the shelter after I had been volunteering there for a while. I brought my family up to see the cats and Tippy kept reaching out and grabbing my husband's pant leg. After we got home, we decided that we wanted to adopt Tippy Toes but that we wanted another cat so that when we were not at home, Tippy would have company. At that time, Roo was just a kitten but she won Tippy over no problem so we brought them home and have loved them ever since. Tippy is now 5 years old and Roo is four and they are both happy and healthy and enrich our lives every single day. Tippy Toes sleeps on top of me every night.
Deborah Kirkland
Brockville, Canada