Rosey the CHAB

While i was in Tennessee taking care of my aging mother, I would take my German Shepherd (Danny) and my Chocolate lab (Dusty) to the TN River to swim. One day while we were out there Dusty kept running down along the river and kept trying to get me to follow her. Well she wouldn't give up so I went down around the other side of the trees and there was a litter of drowned puppies. There were 7 of them and 2 were still breathing. They barely fit in my hand they were so tiny. I grabbed them up and took them over 40 miles to a vet who kept them a couple days to try and keep them alive. The vet spent a lot of time to keep them alive. She also thought that since they had so many ticks imbedded in their skin that it would be almost impossible for them to live long from diseases they might have picked up from those ticks. I spent the next couple of days getting each one of those ticks out of her skin and ears. That was in 2001 and I still have her today and she is such a sweet and loving girl. She has been a big help with my older dog and helping him to find things and is his ears and eyes for him now that he is aging. She had a rough beginning, but she is a blessing to me and my other rescues. Rosey loves to take long walks out in the country and believe it or not, loves to swim with me! She loves all the cats and makes sure they are all ok first thing when she goes out in the mornings!

Shari Rose
Anna, OH