Ruby and Her Babies

My family has always rescued dogs and we'd usually have three or four dogs at a time...for the past ~20 years they've been Siberian Huskies. A few years ago our oldest Husky, Kazan, had died so we had two 8-to-10 year old male Huskies, Arrow and Wolf. Then someone told my daughter that he'd seen a young red Husky female tied to a tree and starving in someone's yard. The people there said they couldn't feed her anymore and wanted to give her away. So I sent my son that same day to fetch her back here and to thank these folks for letting her go. When she got here she "rooo'd" at me and came straight to me with unconditional trust, and let me feed & bathe her. I named her Ruby and told her she'd just found her forever home. The next day after our vet had checked and treated her, she settled right in with Arrow and Wolf. Ruby was very sweet and she seemed to "thank" us alot. She was literally skin & bones but she began to thrive right away with good food, care and love. When she had her puppies she gave us such a wonderful gift...five sweet little Husky-mix babies! We decided to keep all of Ruby's babies...Molly, Maggie, Sasha, Hoss and Little live here in their pack family with their "Mama Ruby" and "Uncle Arrow" and alpha dog, "Papa Wolf." Ruby's babies are now almost 3 years old...beautiful, smart, playful, happy, incredibly loving dogs. Ruby is healthy and happy. We now have seven Huskies but before "Uncle Arrow" died last year he taught the pups to howl in a chorus! My husband David and I absolutely love the time we get to spend every day with these amazing dogs.
Gina Boger-Haney
Douglasville, GA