Rufus the Bunny

One sunny summer 2006 morning my husband had been saying he kept seeing a bunny playing outside, since we live in the suburbs I passed it off as a wild cottontail. Later that day I went shopping and when I arrived home I found a young gray bunny (maybe 3 months old)laying by where I park. I walked over to him, picked him up and brought him inside to keep him from getting hurt by any neighborhood dogs. Not knowing anything about rabbits I'm lucky he let me pick him up and that I didn't hurt him.(he was a bit wild) I am still learning and he is still teaching me new things about him daily. After not being able to determine where he may of came from my husband said let's keep him and named him Rufus. We knew nothing about rabbits so I got online and found out rabbits can be litter box trained so I learned all I could. Our local vet is a rabbit person and now Rufus is neutered and has full run of the house. We never imagined how much joy these critters could bring to ones life. Rufus is quiet a character and so much fun. A few months later we took in a little 4 month old female mini rex from a young couple who thought they wanted a rabbit as a pet but decided a rabbit wasn't for them. Her name is Sophie and we've had her for about 2 years now. Neither are ever caged but since I no longer work and am home most of the time it works out well. They rule the house but they are mannerly, they let us teach them what not to do. We do love our bunnies!
Kelly & Keith Gipson
Blanchard, OK