Rusty Rescued - Four Times is the Charm

Rusty is a hybrid (he doesn't like terms such as "mutt" or "mixed breed") and is very energy efficient. Rusty (also known as The Dog of Great Hope) was owned by an elderly couple in Houston, until one of them died and the other went into a nursing home. Then Rusty moved next door with a neighbor, who suffered financial difficulties and lost his house and couldn't keep him. Rusty then was passed to another owner who later took a new job in Justin, Texas, which didn't work out. So owner #3 returned to Houston where he no longer had a house - and Rusty was left behind at the animal shelter. Fortunately, one of the shelter volunteers decided that "Rusty was too nice to go into the general population," took him home and searched for a new owner on the DFW Pet Placement network. We liked his size and "Benji-look," so we traveled to Justin to be "interviewed" by Rusty. We were found to be acceptable. When Rusty came to our home, he didn't know how to play. It took a long time before he would chase a ball, but now he runs and brings his ball to us when we come home, or just rolls on his back and growls because he's happy to have a forever home.
Robert Marquardt
Plano, TX