Rusty's Big Adventure

When Rusty was a puppy he was owned by a woman who loved him very much and took him everywhere with her. Sadly she developed a terminal brain tumor. Rusty went to live with her in a nursing home where he kept her company for nine months and enjoyed being cared for by the staff. Later the doctor told the woman's daughter it was time for Rusty to go. The family didnt like Rusty at all but at least they called a dachshund rescue to come and get him. The woman's family painted a terrible picture of Rusty to the rescue, saying he was a spoiled, vengeful dog who liked to pee in places he shouldnt! When the rescue picked him, the woman's daughter told him "..go on your adventure, Rusty". Little did she know - this adventure was going to take years! He turned out to be a darling, cuddly boy who liked to follow his foster mom everywhere. He adjusted easy to rescue but he really needed a home of his own so after almost a year, he found a new home. Off he went to his new permanent home. But it was not to be. After 2 years, Rusty's new mom had passed away and Rusty came back into rescue, where all his pals remembered him and he settled in again.So Rusty's rescue mom thought maybe he was just meant to stay in rescue. She posted his picture tho and just forgot about it. Finally one day she got a call from a nice couple looking for a companion for their little Scarlett. When they came to meet Rusty - he was bathed and on his best behavior - they loved him and he loved them. Rusty's adventure has finally ended with him in his "forever" home.
Monti Markel
Forest Ranch, CA