They say that we do not find our animals - they find us. One summer night in July of 2009, I was supposed to pick up my daughter from a party. I needed the address from her, but my cell was dead and I could not find the charger. So I drove to a local park where there were pay phones. While talking to my daughter, I see a beautiful gray tabby cat meowing, and pacing back and forth. At first I thought she was lost, as no way was this not someone's cat. She sashayed up to me and rubbed up against me. I petted her and it was a mutual case of love at first sight. No way could I leave this beautiful creature in the middle of a park with no food or water. She let me pick her up and put her in my car. Every cat I have ever owned has been petrified of cars. But not this one. She sat on my lap the whole time, with her dainty paws up on the window, looking out with excitement as if to say, "I'm going to a new home!" The cat hid underneath our furniture for the first week. All you could see were these two huge glowing green eyes glaring at us, so we named her Sabrina, as in the teenage witch. Sabrina's belly was a little chubby, so we figured her to be pregnant. After two months and no kittens, we took her to the vet, and the vet tech comes out into the waiting room, announcing that Sabrina is actually a boy, and she (he) had worms, which is why her (his) belly was swollen. From that day on Sabrina was our he-she cat. For five years Sabrina was the light of our lives, until she got sick in 2014 and had to leave this world. Two years later we are still going through withdrawals. Her nickname was Bina.
ronkonkoma, NY