My beautiful Sadie spent 5 long months in lock-up before we met and I fell in love with her soulful eyes. The caretaker at the rural town pound had no history, only the location and date where she was picked up. But, as love-at-first-sight would have it, none of that mattered and I whisked her away to the vet, then the groomer. As we got to know each other it became apparent why someone may have dumped her. She had an 'eagerness' about her when it came to other dogs that was often mistaken for aggression and led to us getting thrown out of doggie school, among other uncomfortable moments. She also found barking at her canine neighbors more fun than a barrel of tennis balls. Nevertheless, my commitment was strong and we weathered the first years, all the while growing fonder of each other. It's been 5 years now; I suspect Sadie's about 10 years old. I'm happy to report that her doggie manners have improved exponentially and she has been nothing less than an exemplary companion to me and unwavering protector of her sisters Kit and Lexie (they have their own stories elsewhere here). A perfect dog, Sadie's not. But a perfect dog for me, she certainly is.
Woodstock, CT