Sami and Molly: My Jack Russells

All of her life Sami has been a free spirit. Jack Russell Terriers are known to have selective hearing - they hear only what they want to. Sami followed the tradition to the letter. When a pathetic Jack Russell puppy was presented to me as the victim of abuse I took her in and named her Molly. Molly grew into a lovely little dog. At the back of my property line was a 165-foot long 4-board fence. The dogs were small enough to race under it to romp through the adjoining field. One day I found them missing. After about a minute or so and several calls only Sami appeared to my amazement. Since she was only about 12" tall, she had to leap over the tall grass and I could see her coming. I asked Sami, "Where is Molly?" Sami reacted to my question by running to and fro, stopping at a point about 10 feet away from me in the tall grass and staring at me. She returned to stand at my feet. Completely baffled by her response, I repeated my question. Sami again reacted in the same manner. When I repeated the query a third time Sami ran to the same spot, placing a paw in front of her as though she wanted to dig. When I got to the spot I instantly realized that a turtle hole that had been there before had caved in. I got down on my knees and dug with my hands into the soft dirt. It took a few minutes, but I was able to clear the debris away and there, inside the hole, was Molly, very dirty, somewhat shaken, but otherwise unhurt. *~* Sami was featured as an ANIMAL HERO on The Animal Rescue Site in February 2009. *~*
B. Moreau
Ocala, FL