A couple of years ago, I was taking a different route to work than I normally would have. As I was getting up on the freeway & pulled out into traffic, I saw a black & white blur go flying off to the shoulder of the freeway from a car to my right. I looked at my wife & and exclaimed 'was that a cat?!?' She thought so too, so I quickly got off at the next exit & looped around, not knowing what we'd find, but praying for the best. We found him huddled up in a pile of garbage against the concrete divider & fortunately he stayed still so my wife was able to go get him. Our vet wasn't too far from there, & after she looked him over he appeared to be fine, other than a few scrapes. We already had three cats, but considering what he had been through, figured he deserved a good home & we settled on the name Sammy. Of the six cats we currently have, he is by far the best natured cat of the bunch, never having sunk a claw or tooth into us, even when playing. I hate to think what would have happened to this little guy, had we not been in the right place at the right time!
Sugar Land, TX