Sargent Pupper & Samantha Pants Roberts

Dear Animal Rescue Site, Here's a photo of two of our three wonderful rescued pets - Sargent Pupper and Samantha Pants. (Sir Pooky, our rescued Maine Coon was taking his usual 4 hour morning nap and missed the photo op!) I was on a search for a Golden Retriever or Golden mix via a shelter or rescue. I finally found Sargent at a local shelter (Animal Welfare League in Chicago Ridge) via Petfinder in April of 2005. Sargent & I do volunteer work for As Good As Gold Golden Retriever Rescue of Northern IL, We do many "Meet & Greets" to let people see what fantastic, healthy, well-behaved dogs are waiting for them in shelters & rescues. So very many people we meet cannot believe that Golden Retrievers even need a rescue. There's a rescue for every breed and every kind of pet. Miss Samantha Pants was adopted as an 8-week old kitten in January, 2006 from Animal Welfare League as well. We lost our first black cat, "Mr. Bean" to illness and had a big hole in our hearts. Samantha helped us so much to heal and stole those hearts in the process. She is a fun, loving girl who rules the roost but adores her pals, Sargent (as you can see) and Pooky (who is again, napping). She makes sure they are clean and loved...what a girl! Sir Pooky was found by our neighbor as an orpaned 4 week old kitten wondering down the middle of a busy street. It was love (and a forever home) at first sight! I can't say enough about this wonderful breed of cat - he's so smart and mellow. A joy to be around. We wouldn't have it any other way than finding our "furry kids" via adoption! Please, please don't shop...ADOPT!
Julie Roberts
Oak Lawn, IL