We rescued a tiny calico kitten in 2013. She was starving and covered in fleas. We took her home, named her Sassypants and she became part of our family, along with another cat, a dog, and a house rabbit. Her first visit to the vet was not good. He was concerned about some sores she had in her mouth. She got an antibiotic shot along with the vaccinations and off we went back home. About 4 weeks later we had to go back and get another shot. This went on for a couple months. Sassy didn't gain a lot of weight and her fur kept getting thinner. We finally found out she had Autoimmune Disease. Then the vet decided to try something different. She got a steroid shot this time. It worked better, lasted longer but like before, when the shot wore off her sores were back. Finally, when Sassy was 1 year old she was healthy enough to be spayed. That surgery was a miracle for her. 3 months later she had gone from a scrawny 6 lbs to a hefty 16 lbs and had the longest, softest coat of fur and full plumed tail. She had energy and good health for the first time in her short life and she made up for it. It was so good to see her fly through the house playing and being a happy cat. Her good health didn't last long though, back to the vet for another shot. This went on for another year and in November 2015, when Sassy was 2, she went over the rainbow bridge from a sudden heart attack. We take solace in the fact that at least we gave her 2 years she wouldn't have had as a stray and she was very loved. Goodbye sweet girl, we will always miss you. Autoimmune Disease does terrible things to people and pets alike, so please let people know about it.
Lois Ladd
Dexter, MO