Saved from certain death at the Vets.

I took in a 7yr old male Rottweiler that was slated to be put down because his owner could no longer look after him. The vet was in touch with a wonderfull group called Adopt-A-Rott. The foundation contacted me because I was looking for a older dog. I had just had to have my boy of 15 yrs put down due to cancer. I told her to bring him up and as you can see by the picture I have sent, he is living the life of a king. He has been wonderfull with my other dog Angel. He also loves to sing with my husband. He really is a great addition to our family. So please if anyone out there is thinking about getting a dog, please look in to rescue groups or check out your local SPCA, there really is a Gem out there that is in need of a loving home. Older dogs need love too. Not to mention its a wonderfull feeling to know you saved a dog or a cats life by adpoting from a rescue group or your local animal shelter.
Louise Store
Everett, Canada