Saving Suerte

In 2007, I once again travelled to the Amazon in Iquitos Peru to bring medical care to the indigenous people. As with any day in Iquitos, I see many stray animals on the streets doing what they can to survive. While walking back to my hotel, I noticed a dog lying on the sidewalk. I approached the animal, fearing it was dead and starting talking to him. He instantly got up, wagged his tail and responded to my gentle voice. I noticed this small dog was missing most of his hair, had warts covering his body, was severely malnourished and had a brutal eye and nose infection. I proceeded to walk away, assured he was alive and he started to follow. He followed me for a few blocks and I instantly felt responsible. I went to the store and got him some food and water. I tried bringing him back to Seattle, but his condition was too bad. I ended up leaving him with an organization called Amazon CARES and they took care of him for the next year for me (I would send money every month). In October of 2008 my friend trvelled back to Iquitos and he was healthy enough to come back with her. So now after 1 year 4 months and a 23 hour plane ride, he was finally home. He has been so awesome and I am so glad he is safe, happy, has a full tummy, toys and love. We are both so fortunate to have met each other, that I named him "Suerte", which means luck. I still can't believe that I have him up here with me as there was an instant connection with this dog and can't imagine him still down there fighting for his life every day.
Seattle, WA