Scarlett's story

Her picture was on the board at the Animal Shelter Booth. A big black blob! She was going to be "put down" in 2 days. I had to see her. Her fur was so matted and filthy we didn't know what she was! She just looked at me under all the mess and somewhere under there I just knew there was another little girl that needed us. At that time we already had a saved little Pekenese, terrior and a deaf jack russell and my husband thought I was nuts! THREE haircuts and a shave later, we could finally see the little tiny Shi-poodle underneath! At first she was very hesitant to accept the other dogs or us and would hide under the bed. She has ONE toy that is hers alone and she won't share that one...a beat up Snoopy that we gave her when she first came home with us. Even after 2 years..that is still "her" toy! She now knows how to wrap us all in her little paw, loves to be cuddled like a baby and bounces around the house like a little kid. And of course my husband just loves her!! When you pick her up, she hangs on you like a little baby and makes little cooing noises. Whenever we leave the house she stands at your leg with her paws holding on, tail down and looks up with those little eyes so you have to pick her up one more time and cuddle before you leave! Her favorite place in the house is our bed! She sneaks in there whenever we leave the door open! The bed is crowded at night, with my husband, me and four little doggies! They are a wonderful part of our lives.
Seville, OH