Second Chance Dewie

Dewie was, presumably, a puppy mill dog sold to a local pet store. He was not of the quality one might expect of a purebred Westie. He ended up being brought in to a local shelter by an owner who couldn't care for him anymore. He had severe allergies, had chewed all his hair off, and was covered with raw, oozing sores. The owner could not bring herself to euthanize him. The shelter brought him to their vet. A tech there decided to foster Dewie and had pharmaceutical sales reps donate food and medicine. After 2 months, Dewie was over his infections and ready to be adopted. That was 7 years ago. Today, Dewie lives with 2 other dogs and 5 cats. He is kind, gentle and loving to other animals, children, and all the people he meets. Dewie works as a special "volunteer" at an Alzheimer's center, where I work. He has definitely brought much love and joy into many, many lives since that day at the shelter in 2002.
Jennifer Brown
Richmond, ME