She Saved Me

My American Staffordshire Terrier Lacy Lou was badly abused and almost starved to death when I got her when she was a year old. The vet told me that she wouldn't live past two if she was lucky and here we are with her turning ten in two weeks. She can't live outside as she is allergic to everything, however, I wouldn't have it any other way. Her best friend is a 6-year-old American bulldog named Bella and a 16-year-old Siamese named Princess. I got Lacy at a time when I was still upset about losing my 11-year-old Chesapeake Ruby about a year before. Lacy filled the hole that was in my heart. I saved her, but she saved me too when I had given up as well. She is truly a very special sweet girl. She never lost that even after all she had been through. She had taught me about forgiveness and true heroism in the face of one the worst scenarios you could imagine for a dog. She is a very special wonderful dog that I do love with all of my heart.
Huntington Beach, CA