She will walk again, with or without wheels

New Year's Eve 2015. Spooky (or The Boo, our deaf lurcher rescue girl) went out for her usual walk with her Dad. After only 10 minutes or so, Ed (Spooky's dad) came back home carrying her in his arms. She had slipped, twisted and fell and lost all use of her back legs in a matter of seconds. Our vet arrived in minutes and she was immediately admitted. Originally, she had no deep pain sensation, but this returned in both paws after 48 hours. Initial x-rays showed a problem with two discs in her back. After a further couple of days it was obvious that she wasn't making any further improvement at all, so was referred to a spinal neurologist at Willows in Birmingham for emergency treatment. Following examinations and MRI, a fragment of disc matter had exploded at high velocity into her spinal column, causing bruising, swelling and concussion. This injury cannot be decompressed with surgery. Unfortunately the MRI also showed suspected Myelomalacia in a small portion of her spinal cord, where part of the cord had 'died' due to severe trauma. Myelomalacia is extremely rare, only 5% - 10% of dogs with spinal trauma will suffer this. Her prognosis is 'guarded'. Spooky came home on 5 January to start her rehabilitation as euthanasia is and will never be an option as long as she is pain free. She is completely dependent on us for all her needs, but she is showing gradual improvement. Her tail has started to wag again, she now has control of her bladder and there are signs her legs are receiving messages. We hope to start hydrotherapy as soon as it is safe and to fit her with a wheelchair shortly, to give her a life back and to aid her rehabilitation. It's been difficult juggling our work life, but we've managed and continue to give her 24/7 care during this rehab period. We take it in turns to sleep with her downstairs. We are determined our girl with run again, with or without wheels and give her the unconditional love she gives us.
Tan Morris
Worcester, United Kingdom