She won his heart

This adorable little girl and her 3 siblings were found under a dead tree at the edge of our yard when they were a few weeks old. Two tiny torties and two fluffy white longhairs came into our lives that day though they were in sad shape. One of the white kittens didn't survive, but the other 3 soon got the hang of bottle feeding and lived in a large packing crate in our living room. We wanted to protect them from our 2 year old male Maine Coon, Puff, until he became accustomed to them and accepted them. (His story is also here on the site.) By the third week they were used to each other and they could come out to play with no problems. The plan was to get the babies used to humans and take them to the local shelter for adoption when they were old enough. I boxed them up one day and headed for the shelter, only to be told they had so many kittens, they couldn't possibly handle 3 more that day. I was told to return in a couple weeks. My husband made that trip, but when he got to the shelter, he just couldn't bear to let them all go. So he made the decision to bring one back. This little girl, with her sweet disposition and dark "teardrop" in her eye, melted his heart and won him over completely. He brought her back home and when I looked in her lovely eyes, they shone like jewels, so I named her Topaz. That was 9 years ago. She and Puff were very happy together. She helped civilize him; they played tag up and down the hallway, snuggled on the sofa for hours, and groomed each other daily. She taught herself to fetch with milk jug rings and kept me busy for hours tossing and fetching. She also loves snuggling with my hubby for their daily naps. She has adjusted to life since we lost Puff better than we have. We love our Topaz, she is our precious gem..
Bob N Sue Mortimer
Midland, PA