Shelby, Queen of Dogs

Like all our other dogs Shelby, a Gordon Setter, was a giveaway, free to a good home. There was the huge Bouvier whose owner was moving from the Rockies to Boston and we lived in the woods. Then the Keyshound/Cyote mix that belonged to my alergic sisters new husband and a handsome Shepard that came with a cabin we moved into, along with 3 cats and an African goose that we found on the highway. All beloved and remembered forever. Shelby came to us as a 2 year old because she was too much for the owner to handle. Yes, she punctured a water bed, ate new car upholstery and chewed through a wood door. She could run and wrestle for hours without a break.But our first look at her, in those eyes, and we knew this was a once in a lifetime dog. At 4 years she started calming down a tiny bit, now at 7 she's still wild and happy and brings us joy every day. This is the sweetest most loving dog I've ever met, to both people and other animals. Sorry about the spelling.
Nancy Baker
Warwick, RI