Shelter Adoption

I have always wanted a cat but my dad had refused since he claimed there wasn't enough room in our apartment. After finally moving to house, I was now 18 and after a lot of persuasion, he finally agreed. The deal was that I would get a kitten after exams, during the winter break. Me and my mom were really enthusiastic and planned to get a sweet little kitten. I was already 100% sure, I'd be adopting from a rescue or shelter. However, there was a Black Friday promotion during November at our local shelter so my dad agreed to get the kitty earlier than planned. We planned to get a lovely 5 month calico female kitten.But when we got there, another cat caught our eye. My brother saw the gorgeous orange tabby first and discovered how sweet and friendly he was. Although he was 13 months old (not a kitten), everyone fell in love with him. When we brought him home, he wasn't shy at all as he explored the house and won the hearts of all 5 members of the family! It was a positive experience in terms of pricing and the knowledgeable employees who answered all our questions, and my parents also realized how awesome it is to adopt from a shelter! I don't think we could've ever realized how amazing rescue/ shelter cats are (and not only the kittens) if we didn't have Leo today!
Toronto, Canada