Shelter visit turns into adoption

I was on a regular visit with a client in a small Texas Panhandle town, when I saw some photographs on the wall at City Hall of some of their dogs and cats at their local animal control office. The City Manager at the time convinced me to come out and visit the location, as it happened to be next to our project site anyway. I went out and looked at the dozen or so dogs, and was intrigued by this all white, puppy-ish dog, not quite an adult. I was told the other dogs picked on him a bit and he had to be put into his own cage because of that. The officer let him out and the local stray cat (ironic, i know) wasn't afraid of him at all. This dog was deaf which made communicating with him very difficult. I liked the way he kept staring at me though. Needless to say, I left that day... but not before I arranged adoption and neuter procedures with the local vet. I flew up, picked him up the next weekend, and drove the 5 hours home with my new companion. Cosmo is the most attentive dog you'll ever find. He loves other animals, dogs, birds, cats...everyone. He actually is the easiest to train as his full attention is on you during sounds to distract him. Best dog I've ever owned. I later found out that Cosmo was the only dog to be adopted that year. It saddens me that so many have to die in our overcrowded, underfunded shelters. I'm glad I found this one though, he deserved a long, happy life. I know mine is better because of him.
Matt Hopper
Saginaw, TX