Shiloh, our guardian and protector

We had been working to ease the pain of our German Shepherd's many leg problems when her physical therapist told us about a dog in need of rescue. There was not much information on him, other than he was a Shepherd Mix, about 7 months old and had been left in the night drop off in a Reno shelter. His back legs work in unison, which makes him look like he's hopping. He was painfully thin, and because of his leg defect he was deemed "rescue only." This physical therapist friend of ours bought him a stay of execution saying "I know some people who have experience with dogs who have leg problems - let me see if they'd be willing to foster him." We fostered him for only about 2 days when we knew he'd be ours forever. Now Shiloh is our faithful guardian and protector! When police were called to a nearby house, and there were SWAT teams involved, Shiloh never stepped outside to bark, but stayed right at our side, following us everywhere we went, every minute of the standoff. Three years later, we couldn't ask for a better friend and companion.
Anne Pinkerton
Reno, NV