Shot and left helpless on the street

On January 21, 2013, I saw a post on FB by a man who was seaking help for a street cat bit by dogs and unable to move. I ask the man to bring the cat to a clinic, another man offered to transport him and paid part of the bill. The x-ray showed that he had been shot with a gun and his spinal nerve was damaged irreversible, no operation could help the kitty... It was a young stray male not older than six-seven months and he was to spend the rest of his life not walking on four paws and unable to pee by himself. After a week at the vets I took him home and started considering to look for somebody to adopt him and take care of him. Most vets and people think that cats and dogs is such condition suffer and prefer to put them down, I even knew about people who adopt handicaps with a promise not to euthanise them and doing it a couple of weeks later without prior notice to the guardian...I feared that the same might happen to Pisco and decided I am the right person for him. It was a long and not easy battle, I had to learn how to empty his bladder so he gets no infections. There were times when he would bite his rear paws as he did not realise they were part of his body and got scared of them. Now, more than three years since he has been deprived to walk and pee normally, he is a happy and loved cat.
Stela Stoyanova
SOFIA, Bulgaria