Shuie and I were destined to be together!

It was a humid, hot day in Indonesia. A staff member from a rescue organisation spotted six week old Shuie staggering in the middle of the road, desperately trying to scrape a dead bug off the hot tar to eat. She was on death's door. The woman scooped her up and took her to safety. She described her as one of the worst cases of neglect they'd ever seen. I fostered Shuie to help her gain confidence. She absolutely blossomed in a home environment. I longed to keep her but I couldn't. I had two dogs already - Muzzie and Stella. In mid 2014 I became very ill. Sadly and very unexpectedly Stella had passed away in May and it really affected me. I went home to Australia for a few weeks to rest and recover. When I returned to Indonesia in August I went to visit Shuie. I was horrified to find her practically lifeless. Her eyes were gunky and she was underweight, lethargic and jaundiced. I immediately took her for a vet check. Nobody was able to diagnose her with anything other than “a liver problem”, even after a series of blood tests. I feared for her life but thankfully after about 8 weeks, she recovered. With Stella’s untimely passing I was now able to adopt Shuie. Maybe this was Stella’s plan. You know those phrases ‘Forever Home’ and ‘Adopt Your Best Friend’? I think it’s safe to say I took them quite literally. After adopting Shuie I learnt the real challenges of bringing her to my home country - Australia. It is no mean feat – it is an expedition comparable to Captain Cook and his 1st Fleet, but we are determined to make it happen. We started to plan out our epic journey together. And it isn’t simple. Based on various country laws and restrictions Shuie needs to fly half way around the world to ironically boomerang back to Australia! Her itinerary: Indonesia > UK > New Zealand > Australia!
Kate Beasley
Sydney, Australia