Sisters are the Best Kind of Friends

Samantha and Elouise are 2 of a litter of 4 kittens born April 20, 2012, to a feral cat They and their mother were being tended by a Good Samaritan. The mother cat was run over by a car when the litter was 1 week old. The Good Samaritan knew 4, 1-week old kittens were beyond her ability. The vets and staff at Pellissippi Veterinary Hospital were glad to become their foster parents. Known today as Sam‘n’Ella, my husband and I adopted them in June 2012 (about 3 months old in the picture). We know they had the same mother, but we think they must have had different daddies. Sam (black) a long, lanky lay-about, now weighs in at 16 pounds. Ella tips the scale at 7 pounds and is quite an agile acrobat, leaping 6 feet up door frames (yes, leaping, not climbing). Because 1) their eyes weren't open when their mother was killed, and 2) lived and were loved in a clinic for 5 weeks, they never learned the trademark, stereotypical cat characteristics. They want to be wherever we are, they come when called, Ella plays fetch, and Sam requests to be put to bed at night. They have made their peace with Murran, our 11 year old Maltese/terrier (whom we adopted at 6 weeks). They are still coming to terms with Bear, our 1 year old Pomeranian/Yorkie (whom we adopted at 6 weeks). One of the vet techs thinks calling them Sam'n'Ella is "just awful"and will only call them Ella and Sam. As we say in the south, "Call me what you want; just don't call me late for supper." Just so you know, all of our furry family members are (and have been), "free to good home."
Paula M.
Knoxville, TN