Sisters on the side of the Highway

My family was ready to get a dog and the only thing I knew for sure was I wanted to adopt. We live off a busy 2-lane highway where big-rig trucks whiz by at 50 mpg. It was on that highway that I saw Daisy (white/black) standing only 15 feet from traffic. I tried to rescue her but she ran off. I later found her with Jumper (brown) in a nearby trailer park. The residents believed they were dumped two weeks earlier as they showed up together and always stayed close to each other. Thankfully people were giving them food. They both were covered in fleas, had worms falling out of their bottoms, and they were both in season. To boot, I assumed they were both pregnant since they were co-mingling with other dogs from the park that were not neutered. I swept them up immediatey knowing this was the answer to our family's search for a dog - or dogs! I was able to get low cost spaying vouchers from St. Francis of Assisi in San Martin, CA, (what a wonderful place) and luckily they were not pregnant! Our Vet said she was certain they are sisters, as they were both the same age, in the same stage of being in season and had matching Umbilical Hernias (that she fixed during spaying) which are apparently commonly passed from the Mama dog to each pup in her litter. Today, they are all cleaned up, healthy, happy, fatter (oops!) and they bless my family every day with their affectionate love and dedication. I truly believe they know they were given a second chance, and for that, they love us even more. Our kids named them Daisy & Jumper, and we are thankful for these loving sister every day!
Michelle Castelo
Santa Nella, CA