Skippy finds a home

Well, 3 and a half years ago I adopted Obie from Animal Rescue Fresno (ARF). Obie's constant unbreakable obsession with "cars" got the best of her on Sept 18 of last year. In October I went "online" (this time) to ARF . They had great videos of the dogs and there was Skipper. Well not his real name and story is his owners abandoned him when they moved and a neighbor took him to ARF. I walk in and say I would like to see and hopefully adopt Skipper and we went to find him. The woman said I don't remember Skippy as we went out to the kennels' yard. "There he is", I said. Skippy was standing up on his back legs when he saw me. The adoption included the problem with Obie being lost and I believe I got across to them her "crazy obsession with cars" and my sadness at her loss. Skipper has the more "normal" fear/caution/lack of interest in vehicles. And, he is still very cautious over certain daily "normal" things. It is like a reaction I don't really get, but I can tell there was something familiar too his old home that perpetuated it. So we are patient with him and reassuring and he is getting better. He is such a sweety and I am working daily on helping him learn to play. He is the most dearest lovable doggy who loves his walks on our property and nesting in our bed.... and his bed. 15 pounds of sweet joy.
Lynn Rank
Auberry, CA