Small Head, Big Heart

After a late evening, I stopped at a local convenience store for some Gummi Bears. On the way in, I noticed a small black kitten crying on the doorstep. I asked the clerk if he knew anything about the cat, but all he could tell me is that he had been there for hours. When I went back outside, I looked down and asked the kitten, "Well, what the heck are you doing out here?" He looked up, said "Mrrow!" very decisively, fell over onto my shoes, and started purring. That was it...I knew he'd be mine forever. He is now a gorgeous, shiny cat who lovingly head-butts everyone he meets and even makes friends with dogs. Sure, his head is small, his tail is crooked and his belly swings from side to side when he runs...but he's my one and only Frank.
April Block
Omaha, NE