Smarty Jones

On a trip to my local feed store early one Sunday morning, I was approached by the owner, who asked if I wanted a kitten. It seems a mother cat had wandered into the storage area of the store and given birth to five kittens, three little tuxedo kittens and two orange ones. She brought out the two orange kittens for me to see and one of them put his little paw out to me immediately. He was really too young to be away from his mother, but the store owner was very concerned that the kittens would be accidently killed by the forklift operator, as the mother cat kept moving them around. She gave me a nursing bottle and formual and Smarty Jones and I headed for home. Even though he got off to a rough start, he grew into a beautiful strong cat, who loves to snuggle in blankets. I'm so glad I "rescued" him!
Shamong, NJ