Smoke was found roaming outside a fire station. Hence how she got her name. When first discovered she was very thin and in need of some much needed TLC. A few of the firefighters became very close to her and began to feed and take care of her. She adored them and loved to curl up in their laps whenever she got the chance. They could not keep her however as the fire station was not a good place for her to be, so my husband I offered to take her in. We had adopted another cat a year ago and hoped they would be a good fit together. And what a fit they are. She is the most loving cat we have ever had, always needing to be in the same room with you or near her buddies Tigger and our black lab, Winnie. Smoke is forever grateful to her firefighter friends who helped get her into a home.
Heather Muzeroll-Roy
Eliot, ME