Smokey blew in during Hurricane Irene in 2011

During the height of the storm, I noticed something grey and furry slink around the corner in the kitchen. With the storm at its worst, I decided to pretend I didn’t see anything. After the storm passed, I discovered it was a young cat, well groomed and neutered, so my husband tried to put him outside so he could “go home”. The cat totally freaked out about being outside and kept scrambling to get back in. If we closed the door with him still outside, he returned through the pet door on the opposite side of the house. We decided that perhaps he was an indoor only cat and put up posters on every corner for a 3-mile radius as well as in pet stores, notifying the police department, shelters, etc. Since our elderly girls, Princess and Minuit (also rescues), were receptive to sharing their home with him; we decided to let him stay till he was claimed. No-one ever did claim him. After a year we took him to the vet for immunizations and to be micro-chipped. Once he was confident that he was “home”, he started following my husband outdoors to hang laundry, put out the trash, etc., and then followed him back indoors. He loved to roll on the carpet in front of the fire in the winter, lounge in the windows in the summer, and cuddle with me at bed-time. We were blessed to have his comfort when our girls crossed the rainbow bridge within a short time of each other. Unfortunately in 2016 we had to bring him to the rainbow bridge when fast growing mouth cancer caused him to be unable to eat or drink. My heart was broken as this was the first time in over 30-years we didn't have a fur baby. They will all be forever in our hearts!
Eileen Moreau
Manchester, NH