Smokie the russian blue

three years ago. back in 2013..... when i lived in Eufaula Oklahoma. where i took care of the feral community in my upscale rural neighborhood, we lived right on Lake Eufaula. When i say upscale, i mean the fact that there were at least 3 mansions in this neighborhood. Anyways to get back on track..... there was a colony of about 40-50 feral cats/kittens; which had become so all due to an elderly man who never got his female fixed.... and thus started the colony. From day one in my new home there, i set out to trap neuter and release the feral cats that were too feral to adopt out. and home the ones that could be(kittens, and friendly young adult cats). i managed to trap all but one female...(who i was able to finally get fixed). this female was found living in the neighborhood dumpster site. she had two kittens about 4 months old. and it looked as though she was already pregnant again..... poor girl. i set up a humane trap and after three days... managed to catch her two kittens. both of which found wonderful loving homes. during the time it took to get the youngsters ready to be adopted... she had moved homes. and low and behold... she had moved into my garage and was living with my cats! to this day... i'm still not sure how she managed to track me to my home... or why she chose to stay. but she has since been spayed. and is now a much loved member of the family
Lauren Lister
Tulsa, OK