Smooches the Rat

Smooches was found on a cold winter day wandering around the parking lot of a local shopping center. It seems that someone had dumped his cage in an attempt to get rid of him. It was cold and he had no shelter. He was very friendly to people and the employees of the nearby Petco took him in. My husband and I adopted him and fell in love. He was very sociable to us and grew quickly to his full length of 19 inches from nose to tail! We spoiled him with all sorts of goodies and toys and he soon became a member of our little family. He gave great ratty kisses and had daily playtimes with us. Unfortunately, our Smooches passed away last year due to a combination of age and skin and health ailments. But he was spoiled and happy until the end and we are so glad we had the opportunity to make his little life a good one.
charlottesville, VA