This is about snoopy one of the best dogs that I have had. Snoopy came to me via free to good home situation and was so traumatized by what he had been through that he was literally scared of everyone and everything, he has been one of the saddest dogs I have ever seen in my time of dealing with rescues and I have seen many. It was very clear that a man had done most of the damage as he would shake uncontrollably when men came near it was a lot less with women but still with women. The little information that I had been give about him was that before me he had been left with no food or water in an empty house, he has also been through many "homes" before I got him. Since getting him he has made great progress he still slightly shakes at certain things but not much anymore and we continue to work on that every single day. He now knows love and gets lots of cuddles and treats he knows he is safe and loves his car rides he wouldn't even sleep on the bed before but now he does and knows that is okay. He used to have a hard time eating right away because he tried to conserve it for fear of not having another meal but he has learned he will always have a full belly and lots of water. Everyone who meets him falls in love with him because of his sweet personality. he has also learned to play with other dogs and is sweet as can be to cats. He is simply a gentle soul
Hickory, NC