I was working with an animal rescue organization, ABC, that did adoptions out of PetSmart. I already had 7 cats but also wanted a white cat. Snowball was a colony cat living in a cemetery. They were going to do a TNR on him as well as many of the other cats there. The manager of the cemetery had a hatred of cats, even running down a few. He was a feral cat when I got him. Well I got SnowBall on 12/12/04 and he hid in the bedroom without coming out for over 2 month. I left a litter box so he could see it as well as food and water. Since he only knew dry food in the wild and never had canned food, he didn't eat it. Well at the end of January of 2005 he ventured out and saw the other cats eating the canned food and dug in himself. After working with him, he quickly became a loving cat, loves to get petted, meows at us, rubs up against us. He even sleeps with my wife and me at night. He is still not a fan of being picked up and can get spooked at times but he is a real sweetheart.
Paul E Taylor Jr
Toms River, NJ