Meet Snowflake, aka Fluff. She migrated to our barn around 2008 from a friends barn. We think she started fighting with some of the other cats and started showing up at our barn daily, where we boarded our horses. We tried to get her to go back home for several but she kept coming back...So we started feeding her and she stayed. Around 2 years later she had gotten injured on her back and it got infected, so we bought her home and took her to the vet. We fully intended to take her back out to the barn when she was well, but that never happened. We kept her in the house even though my poor husband found out he was actually allergic to cats. She had such a great personality and was a good companion. We enjoyed her here with us for so many years, unfortunately she developed a aggressive cancer about 4 months ago and the decision was made to let her live out her life since she was an older cat and make her comfortable until the time came. That time came last Friday when she developed complications and it was time to say goodbye. Anyone who has ever lost pet family knows how we feel....she will forever be in our hearts and memories! Rescue animals can bring contribute so much!
Lisa C
Yulee, FL