She was bought from a breeder and had been used for breeding, well-enough cared for but starved for love. She was terribly shy, hated the kennel, and didn't care if she ate as long as she could be with me. Today she is a happy, healthy (much more weight on her) dog who loves everyone and doesn't hide when company comes. In fact she goes looking for attention! She still won't eat the minute something upsets her and is a bit unsure. If she gets into trouble and gets scolded she waits to see if you still "love her" hours later. You have to invite her back to sit with you or whatever. Then she's fine again. There is still an uncertainty in her eyes at times and I can only hope it will disappear as she is with us longer. We've had her a year at this point. She still adores my husband who was the one that picked her up. I think she thinks he's her savior!
St Paul, MN