Socks, Feral Friends' Spokescat

Socks was found wounded by a gun shot in a yard. He was taken to an emergency animal clinc where he was told that his leg had to be amputated. The man that rescued him ironically was an amputee himself. The medical bills were going to be expensive and Ron, who saved Socks, called Feral Friends Community Cat Alliance to ask for assistance. They were happy to help. Ron became Socks' foster parent and helped rehabilitate him. The sad story is that Socks was also FIV+ and his chances of getting adopted were slim. After almost a year, he was adopted by a Feral Friends' volunteer, Nikki Williamson. The group decided to make him their spokescat and have Socks participate in events and provide information to pet owners about vital issues. Socks is happy and healthy. He shares his home with two adopted rescue cats and his humans. Socks will be a wonderful Spokescat for Feral Friends because he has lived with abandonment, animal cruelty, FIV, amputation, learning to live with a handicap and finding a good-hearted person that saved him. He has many lessons and knowledge to share about all of these issues and more. At Feral Friends, our mission is to actively assist the community in reducing feline overpopulation. To accomplish this mission, we have two vital programs that work in unison to offer assistance to the cats and kittens of our community, Race to Reduce Litters (feral) and Rescue and Re-Home. We also offer tips and assistance to those whom have lost their pets.
Nikki Williamson
Richardson, TX