Socks to Sox

We heard about a despondent Akita at our local shelter. She was starving herself, very depressed and needed a foster home asap. We already have a female Akita, but we couldn't leave this girl to suffer and quite possibly die. We brought her home, and I wish I had room to tell you all the ways she has brought joy to our lives. When she first arrived, she didn't know how to play. We worked with her, but it wasn't until I dropped my dishrag and she swiped it that I knew she'd caught on. Now, if you leave a towel, a dishcloth, any kind of 'rag' unattended, it is likely to be involved in a tug-of-war. So, don't let anyone tell you old dogs can't learn new tricks. Socks was nearly eight years old when we brought her home -- I doubt she'd ever had a real home -- but somehow she knew this was her place. We adopted her a month later, and as a tribute to her incredible spirit and lovely, slightly wicked smile, we rechristened her Sox. I tried Spirit, but she made her wishes quite clear. She only answers to Sox.
Shelly Keyes
Lansing, MI