Some Kind Of Destiny

I rescued Charlie about 6 months ago. It was early afternoon, me and my flatmate were on our way to get some hummus, just me and her and her dog Rollo. While walking by an intersection we noticed a guy trying to get something out of the engine and when we got closer we heard the cries from inside. I wouldn't say the guy was fat, but he was a big guy. me on the other half, is a different thing. I'm really skinny, so I could and I did. I got a pretty nasty burn from the tubes and pipes and ruined my T-shirt, but around 40 minutes latter I was out from under the cat with a tiny, dirty flee infested non-happy kitten. Had no Idea if male or female, haw old or even the coat color of the little thing, so I took him home, washed and fed him and the next day we went to see the veterinarian. "It's a month old street punk cat!" declared the cat loving veterinarian. "He's a male. Are you gonna keep him? he's gonna be lots of fun". I wasn't ready for it. I like cats, but I wasn't sure it was I good time for me. I'm a freelance photographer, freshly graduated, live with two flatmates in Jerusalem and barley pay my bills. Adopting a cat wasn't part of the plan. "Yeah, I guess.. cant put him back on the street and he's to dirty to get adopted.." Wasn't sure about my decision until a couple of days latter when he got cleaner. I noticed on his right side there a black spot shaped like a question mark. I like the Idea an the meanings and the symbolism behind the question mark icon, even got a question mark tattoo on my right arm... What are the odds? I don't really believe in fate or destiny, but sometimes the universe just throes a cat at you and it's up to you to decide whats next... Best decision I've ever made
Leon Louie Blankleyder
Jerusalem, Israel