"Something to Smile About"

It was a beautiful June day when I heard a yelping noise coming from a truck & trailer that had pulled in next to my office. There were 8 puppies that were being taken to the pound. My husband told me to pick out a girl because we had 3 male dogs in the house already. I immediately took her to the vet and they told me that she weighed 4.8 lbs. which was less than a bag of sugar! My husband named her Gypsy because of the way we found her. When we had her neutered the vet told us that she has hip dysplasia so she is on 3 meds a day. She talks constantly and also loves to sing. Gypsy has all the boys in control in our house (including my husband!) When I took her to the vet for bloodwork, a kind older woman told me that she is so cute because she looks as if she is smiling all the time! She has alot to smile about!
Pamela Swanson-Muirhead
Franklinton, NC